25 May 1977

Thomas Kurze and Peter Habermann found Thomas Kurze GmbH together in Bergedorf, Hamburg. Initially, the focus of activity was the export of spare parts and accessories for passenger cars.

The distribution of automotive parts is quickly expanded to include a second pillar: the export of industrial goods, especially components for shipbuilding and oil and gas production.

Having thus established a broad position, Thomas Kurze GmbH starts its journey to an auspicious future in tough markets.


Thomas Kurze GmbH moves from Hamburg-Bergedorf, to Glinde in the district of Stormarn, Schleswig-Holstein. The new accommodation includes, amongst other things, a warehouse, which contributes significantly to the enhancement of customer service and delivery efficiency.

Thomas Kurze GmbH’s business structures are increasingly influenced by ever-growing internationalisation.


As a response to steady growth in the industrial-goods business for the oil and gas production industries in Central Asia, the TOO Thomas Kurze Central Asia is founded with headquarter in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The managing director is Kairat Shoibekov.

Following Thomas Kurze’s and Peter Habermann’s retirement from corporate management, Oliver Wiemann is appointed managing director in November 2013. Both company founders will however remain associated with the firm as shareholders. In its 38th year, Thomas Kurze GmbH will finally complete its first generational change.

Thomas Kurze GmbH is also active as a trainer. Here the company is proactively confronting the increasingly volatile skills shortage linked to demographics. The ‘rejuvenation’ of the everyday working environment brings with it a promising mix of experience, fresh impetus and new ideas. Thomas Kurze GmbH looks to the future with great optimism.