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Our strength: Ensuring mobility with know-how

For several decades, Thomas Kurze GmbH has reliably supplied motor vehicle spare parts from leading manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive industry to wholesalers and importers around the world. No matter if original parts, OEM or aftermarket: Our customers profit from well-founded expert knowledge, individual customer service, perfect deadline compliance and always fair prices.

Portfolio with brand quality:

Our range comprises high-quality spare parts from leading manufacturers such as Audi/VW, BMW/MINI, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Saab and Volvo.

Portfolio: Anything from exhaust valves to spark plugs.

Based on well-established logistics processes, and thanks to many years of industry know-how, we supply a comprehensive range of car spare parts.

Car body

The selection goes from bonnet to boot lid dampers and hood covers, to tank caps, radiator caps and oil caps, up to rear-view mirrors and wind shield wiper blades.

Electrical parts

We have a full portfolio for this sensitive range of car technology as well: Relays, sensors, switches, headlights, rear lights, direction indicators, control units, spark plugs, spark coils, ignition cables, distributor caps, rotors, wiper motors, fanfare horns, horns, and much more.


We ensure that its power is turned into driving dynamics. Our range comprises seals, sealing sets, inlet and outlet valves, plain bearings, toothed belts, belt tensioners, pulleys, air/petrol/oil filters, fuel pumps, oil pumps, water pumps, pressure control valves, and much more.

Engine cooling and vehicle air conditioning

We offer the matching parts in optimal quality for these application areas as well: Water coolers, oil coolers, air conditioning components, blowers, fan couplings, fan motors, throttles, expansion tanks, and much more.

Brakes and hydraulics

Safety technology at the highest level. Thomas Kurze GmbH supplies vehicle brakes, brake hoses, brake cylinders, brake lines, clutch cylinders, clutch cables, clutch discs and pressure plates, and much more.

Steering and axle suspension

Control arms, ball joints, track rods, shock absorbers, hoses or lines for power steering: Tell our service team what you need. We will take care of quick delivery to the desired destination.

Do you need a product that is not listed here? It’s not a problem at all! Just contact our customer service. Our dedicated employees will be sure to find the right product for you.