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To an international story of success with Hanseatic values.

Fairness. Quality. Handshake quality. All of the characteristics, which are typical for a Hamburg merchant, are advantages on the global market as well. They can make a decisive difference even. Thomas Kurze GmbH is an independent, medium-sized enterprise firmly rooted in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. We are a partner on equal footing, acting with integrity in all business matters. We put the greatest value on honesty, commitment and respect in all our business relationships. We use all our competence and great commitment to achieve the best results for our customers every single day.

Further development as a basic principle.

More than four decades of successful business development on an international market with strong international competition paint a clear picture. Still, we will not settle for the impressive results we have already achieved. We will do all that we can to continue to grow, improve, and remain familiar with all the technical innovations in our specialisation in every minute detail.

Investing into the future.

Thomas Kurze GmbH is a trainer as well. The company pro-actively counters the demographic specialist deficit this way. In everyday work, this rejuvenation brings an unbeatable combination of experience, fresh energy and new ideas into the company. This is the best basis for keeping us competitive. Today, tomorrow and the day after.

Important moments in our history:

  • 1977

    Founding and development of the business fields

    25 May 1977. Thomas Kurze and Peter Habermann found Thomas Kurze GmbH together in Hamburg-Bergedorf. They initially focus on exporting car spare parts and accessories. The sale of car parts is soon supplemented by a second pillar: The export of industrial goods, in particular components for shipbuilding and crude oil production. In 1986, Volker Both joins the company as a shareholder. He also takes over the position of the third managing director.

  • 1990

    Internationalisation as a driving force

    In 1990, Thomas Kurze GmbH moves from Hamburg-Bergedorf to Glinde in the Stormarn district in Schleswig-Holstein. The new premises include, among other things, a dedicated warehouse that clearly improves customer service and delivery efficiency. The business structures of Thomas Kurze GmbH are characterised by increasing internationalisation in the coming decades.

  • 2017

    New markets and a change of generations

    In 2013, TOO Thomas Kurze Central Asia is founded, headquartered in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in response to the constantly growing business with industrial goods for the oil and gas production industries in the Central Asian region. After Volker Both and Thomas Kurze leave the company’s management for reasons of age, Oliver Wiemann is appointed managing director in November 2013. Peter Habermann retires in early 2015 as well. All three shareholders continue to hold their shares, however, and will remain connected to the company in future.