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  • Lager Service

Services – We make sure that you don’t have to take care of anything.

Just tell us what you need. We research, select, organise and implement. With our technological know-how, high-quality supplier network and more than 40 years of experience, we adjust our offer precisely to meet your needs.

We listen precisely to your specific challenges. Understanding them will enable us to develop optimal solutions for your situation. It also includes integrated logistics support, from procurement to processing of customs formalities.

Our services:

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  • Identification of products
  • Technical clarification
  • Collection and review of offers
  • Customer-specific offer compilation
  • Consolidation of different goods from different manufacturers around the world
  • Complaint processing
  • Regular and timely information in case of delays in the procurement process
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  • Document inspection
  • Consolidation of different orders
  • Monitoring of, and compliance with, promised delivery dates
  • Dispatch or collection from our warehouse
  • Compilation of the export documents in Germany
  • For Kazakhstan: The local subsidiary can also take care of import customs treatment and certification; deliveries are made based on DDP to any EAWU country.
  • Delivery/invoice with terms of payment
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Packing in our own warehouse

  • Incoming and outbound goods inspection
  • Packing the goods according to the customer's wishes and based on the chosen shipping method
  • Marking according to customer's wishes
  • Storage options and stocking up according to the customer's wishes